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WooCommerce Development by Lifebloom Creative

Why WooCommerce?

Ease of shopping on the internet can be hit or miss these days. We’ve all been there: You click ‘add to cart’ and all of a sudden, you get redirected to some site you’ve never been before with an entirely different layout and design than where you were browsing just moments ago. What happened? Why does this have to be so complicated? With WooCommerce, it doesn’t.

Though relatively new to the eCommerce world, WooCommerce has made a name for itself with it’s easy direct integration for WordPress websites, which means your customers never have to leave your site in order to browse and purchase from your store. Membership registration, special discounts, and coupons are just the beginning of the features that can be set up on this platform. As a whole, WooCommerce provides extensive flexibility and in depth data analysis tools, which makes it ideal for almost any business.

WooCommerce Development by Lifebloom Creative

WooCommerce Development and Support

Lifebloom Creative’s development team have been working with WooCommerce since it’s initial release, and we want to make that experience work for you! WooCommerce’s low cost saves your business money, and it’s ease of accessibility means less time spent for setup and updates down the road. We’ve set up everything from small eShops by local manufacturers to catalogs listing thousands of retail products, so no matter what kind of business you have, our skills will suit your needs.

It’s time you and your company get the recognition you deserve, and the sales that come along with it! Regardless if you’re building a new store from scratch or wanting a complete overhaul for an existing one, our expert design team is here to help! Contact us today for your free estimate, together we can get your business on the track to success!

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