Drupal & Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS)

Why Drupal?

Arguably the most robust open source content management system, or CMS, Drupal offers a powerful tool set for developers. Those tools aren’t the easiest to use, however, and quite a bit of know how is needed in order to to really take advantage of everything Drupal has to offer. In the hands of a skilled professional, though, Drupal is capable of building and managing large, complex sites both quickly and efficiently. Best Buy, NBC, and even The White House rely on Drupal to maintain their websites, and with it’s robust capabilities including community platforms and eCommerce, it’s easy to understand why. When you need the most advanced and versatile tools to build your website, Drupal might just be the CMS for you.

Why Joomla?

Another open source content management system, Joomla, offers a good stop gap between WordPress and Drupal, still maintaining a user-friendly design compared to Drupal, but more complexity than WordPress. Joomla’s major strength comes with being designed to function as a community platform, and has powerful social networking features. With over 2% of the internet running on Joomla, big names such as MTV, IHOP, and even Harvard are just a few of the major sites running on this CMS. If your website will require a moderate amount of complexity, but ease of accessibility and learning are high priorities you might want to consider Joomla.

Drupal and Joomla CMS development from Lifebloom Creative

The first step in constructing your website is deciding which CMS is best suited for your needs, and with our industry expertise we here at Lifebloom Creative are here to help every step of the way, and that includes working with clients to determine which CMS fits their needs. Regardless of what website you need built, we have the tools and knowledge needed to build it. With over a decade’s worth of experience, our development team will create a masterpiece that not only will you be sure to love but will work for you and your business. Remember, your most powerful marketing tool in this day and age is your website, make sure you’re getting the most out of it possible: Contact Lifebloom Creative today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row section_schema=”light” section_background=”color” section_id=”contact-us” background_color=”#3d6731″][vc_column][jeg_callout buttonstyle=”success” center=”true” text=”

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