Last month I had the opportunity to help a music and arts festival from the ground up design all of the print and web materials. I created their website, logo, variation logos, social banners, handbills, and posters. I chose to go with WordPress because well… its the easiest for a small business to take control of their own website without having to pay a developer for basic content management. I also played the main stage under my dj/producer alias Krushendo and was a part of the stage production team.

This is the first music festival where I was the go to guy for everything across the rainbow, it was slightly stressful but ultimately very exciting. I am very interested in creating websites for music festivals and artists. For more WordPress development checkout my portfolio here or if you are a music festival or event coordinator, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

Services: Custom WordPress Design and Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Strategy, Branding & Logo Design,